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  • Restaurants
  • A/V spaces, conference rooms
  • Bars and lounges
  • Small Gyms and spas
  • Homes

Key Features

  • Compact reflex-loaded dual 8" (200 mm) sub-woofer
  • Easy to install
  • Can retrofit into existing venues
  • Less than 9" when laid on the floor and can easily go under a stairway


  • Specifications download

ST 28s

String ST 28s is a 2x8" (200 mm) reflex-loaded subwoofer designed for low visibility. By occupying minimal floor space and having discreet appearance, ST 28s makes a perfect option for use in board rooms, small cafes or any commercial applications.

The ST 28s seamlessly combines with String or Cello series loudspeakers. ST 3, ST 23, ST 43, CF 5, CF 205 are a perfect match for ST 28s. This neutral looking cabinet can easily be installed on a ceiling, placed against a wall, or hidden under a seat. When employed in multiples, ST 28s can cover relatively large rooms and blend in nicely with interiors.