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  • Nightclubs
  • Live performances
  • Lounges and bars

Key Features

  • Compact, high-performance, 2x 15" reflex-loaded subwoofer 
  • Can retrofit into existing venues
  • Standard accessories include a top hat and rubber feet


  • Recessed Handles
  • Perforated grill
  • Metal backplate with Heavy-duty NL 8 connector
  • Reinforced top hat
  • Wooden cabinet
  • Rubber feet under the cabinet
  • Rebate Cups on the side panel to fit rubber feet.

Hardware Options

  • CABLE: MIN 4 mm2
  • CONNECTOR: Neoteric NL8

Recommended Amplifier

  • CSC HPA 4802


  • Specifications download

RR 215s

The design of this dual 15" reflex-loaded subwoofer maximizes output while minimizing power compression and distortion. Large slotted ports reduce air noise at very high SPLs.

It is the main system to be used with the Cello series top cabinets. The subwoofer design is to kick without losing its extended low-frequency extension. Suitable for use in fixed installation and mobile application, the RR 215s is an extremely versatile subwoofer for integrators. The CSC RR 215 enclosure construction is constructed from multi-laminate birch ply, finished with a durable texture coat, and equipped with a perforated steel grille. Tophat on the cabinet helps it pole-mounting a mid-top cabinet.

For demanding applications, we recommend the use of CSC Maestro MS 26 controller with its EQ and limiter functions preloaded in the controller. CC 8, CF 10, CF 12, CF 15, CF 12h, RR 212h, RR 15h and RR 15hl are a perfect match for RR 215s.