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  • AV applications and presentations
  • Main PA for large installs
  • Places of worship
  • Leisure centres
  • Clubs
  • Auditoriums
  • Stage monitoring
  • Ideal for installation and mobile use

Key Features

  • Compact, two-way system
  • 60° x 50° horn
  • Mounting points behind the cabinet
  • Large port behind the cabinet
  • Perforated grill
  • Top hat


  • Specifications download

CF 15

This cabinet design provides exceptional sound reinforcement for a small dance floor reinforced with a subwoofer. It finds its application as a standalone unit in basement gyms where lows are pounding but do not excite the building. With its 4" (100 mm) voice coil, it goes down to 45 Hz, giving that extra kick and low-frequency extension.

The CSC CF 15 is a powerful, versatile, two-way passive full-range cabinet. Crafted in Baltic Birch, it is perfectly designed for installation and can double up as a DJ monitor. The driver's unique construction focuses on accuracy and power while minimizing heat build-up without compromising transient response. It features a powerful 15" (375 mm) low-frequency driver housing a 4" (100 mm) voice coil and a 1" (25mm) compression driver with a 1.7" (44 mm) voice coil. All these are mounted on a constant directivity 60° x 50° horn.

Additionally, the LF driver seamlessly couples to the HF through its optimally designed crossover. The CF 15 cabinet can be plugged and played perfectly well out of the box.

For demanding applications, the CSC Maestro MS 26 controller is pre-configured with its EQ limiter crossover. Contrabass CR 18s, CR 218s, RRH 218s, RR 218s, and RR 215s are a perfect match for Cello CF 15.