What is the difference between active and passive speakers?

An active speaker has an inbuilt crossover and power-amp housed within it, whereas a passive speaker has needs and external amp to drive it.

Where should I position my subwoofers?

As low-bass frequencies are omni-directional, placing a subwoofer about anywhere near the top cabinets in a room would deliver good results. However, placement of a subwoofer close to a wall would result in more bass and placing it close to a corner may unnaturally boost the base and sound unnatural and inaccurate.

What happens if the amplifier rating is less than the power handling of the speaker?

The amplifier would have to work hard to keep up with the speaker when its power rating is less than that of the speaker. When this happens, the amplifier is more likely to clip, which eventually causes more damage than an over-rated amplifier.

What is power compression?

Made of copper and aluminum, speaker voice coils increase in temperature at the time of normal operation. When speakers are driven beyond their capacity, the voice coils heat up thereby increasing the DC resistance, which results into less power transfer from the amplifier. Eventually, the speaker loses power with a visible drop in the SPL.

Can Cello CF series be used for touring?

Most CF Series mid highs and subwoofers have a space for a top hat. If you intend using them for touring, remove the standard metal plate and replace it with a top hat. Cello series can be used for small live gigs and DJ applications.

Can I get customised colours?

CSC commercial series and cello CF 5 and CC 8 are available in standard Black and White colours. For other colours on other models, delivery will be in a time of 90 days with a min order quantity. To get a price and MOQ, please send your request to info@cscaudio.co.uk

Can we stand the RR series and the CF series subwoofers on their sides?

All subwoofers have rubber feet fixed below. Rebates with metal plates are provided on the sides of most subwoofers. To stand a subwoofer on its side, see the operating Manual.

Can we use standard mounts on the cello series tops?

All cello series have a standard foot print for mounts. Most standard mounts can be fixed on them.

Can I use CSC products for a home cinema application?

Yes, most CSC products can be used for home cinema. String, CF 5, CC 8, CR 10, CR 210 and CR 18 are best suited for A/V applications for mid-size venues.

What is my product warranty?

Our website has a product warranty page with general information, and your product manual details specific warranty information for the model you purchased. To visit our product warranty webpage, click the ‘Warranty’ link for more details regarding the warranty clauses.

Who pays for warranty shipping?

Shipping is paid by the customer.

Do you ship to my country?

Please send an email to info@cscaudio.co.uk with your contact details for more details. Please clearly mention the city and country where you intend to receive the goods. Our customer service team will respond within 72 hours of receiving the inquiry.

How do I contact you?

Please send an email to info@cscaudio.co.uk and our customer service will respond within 72 hours of your email.