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  • Homes
  • Classrooms
  • Corporate meeting rooms
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Small space A/V applications and home cinemas
  • Small lounges and bars
  • Slip of stage and under a balcony

Key Features

  • Two-way passive system
  • Elegant birch ply enclosure
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting options
  • Perforated steel grill
  • 16 ohms nominal impedance
  • Discreet mounting accessories
  • Available in black and white colours
  • Port located behind the cabinet


  • Specifications download

CF 205

This compact loudspeaker brings unparalleled flexibility to the world of compact loudspeakers. Mount it horizontally or vertically; this sleek low profile unit delivers some incredible SPL's, astonishing accuracy. Perfect for both background and foreground music, the CF 205s' uncompromising clarity makes it an ideal option for A/V or under a balcony application with low ceiling limitations.

The two-way passive design features a 2x5" (125 mm) high energy LF drivers with a true 1" (25 mm) compression driver mounted on a 90°x 40° horn. With its smooth and clear vocals, this loudspeaker finds use with or without a sub-woofer.

Cello CF 205 combines perfectly with the Contrabass CR 10s, CR 210s, CB 12s, and CB 215s, and it works wonders for
Designed to eliminate off-axis variations by optimizing and improving the audio field, the smooth and transparent CF 205 reproduces sound as intended by the musician. The specialized and phase optimized crossover ensures minimum power loss and maximum linearity. A 16 SWG grill protects the driver with all other hardware for ease of Mounting. It is available in black and white color options.