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Key Features

  • Compact, high performance ceiling speaker
  • High power 15 Watt – 100v , 10/5/2.5 watts
  • Frequency response from 200 Hz to 12 kHz
  • Clear vocal propagation 
  • Smooth off-axis response - usable out to 100° (-6 dB) 
  • Fast, integral hardware


  • Distributed audio/ public address system
  • Commercial and retail
  • Saunas
  • Hotels


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MI 02

This full-range ceiling speaker is designed to provide clear vocal reinforcement and is perfect for situations where communication is more important than music. It can be safely used in bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, and even under outdoor eaves. The PP cone and ABS housing protect it from moisture in high humidity installations.

CSC MI 02 is a tiny ceiling speaker with a 2" LF full-range driver to provide that extra clarity.. Featuring a powerful 2" (50 mm) transducer, it has a superb off-axis uniform coverage that blends seamless intelligibility. Excellent for voice applications, Installation of MI 02 is easy - cut a hole, feed the wires, and drop the speaker.