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  • Live bands and concerts
  • Large auditoriums
  • Worship centers
  • Clubs
  • Main PA for large installs

Key Features

  • Compact, two-way, and bi-amped system
  • Dispersion 60° x 40°
  • Mounting rails on the sides and behind the cabinet
  • Front ports
  • Ideal for touring and high-end installation
  • Handles recessed
  • Perforated grill
  • Metal backplate with Heavy-duty NL 8 connector
  • Reinforced top hat
  • Wooden cabinet
  • Rotatable Horn
  • Rubber feet: Used to mount on subwoofers

Hardware Options

  • CABLE: MIN 4 mm2
  • CONNECTOR: Neoteric NL8

Recommended Amplifier

  • CSC HPA4802/HPA 3602


  • Specifications download

RR 212h

The RR 212h is a high-performance full-range 2-way Bi-amped loudspeaker housing a 2x12" drivers in a bass-reflex enclosure. A two-inch exit compression driver mounted onto a large rotatable horn completes the HMF section. Intended for touring and a wide range of permanently installed applications, the 12" drivers' dipolar arrangement results in directivity control down to approximately 700 Hz. Specially designed optimized ports significantly reduce any port chuffing. With a frequency response extending from 55 Hz to 18 kHz, the RR 212h can be used as a stand-alone, full-range system, or supplemented with a RR series subwoofers. Rotating the Horn helps use the cabinet in both the horizontal and vertical orientation. The loudspeaker cabinet is constructed from marine Birch plywood and has a non-toxic texture finish. A rigid metal grille protects the drivers. The top, bottom, and both side panels each incorporate a pair of M10 threaded inserts and a flying Rail for rigging. The loudspeakers are designed for Ball Impact according to DIN 18032-3 for sports and multipurpose halls. Perfect for live shows and dance performances, where voice propagation is critical.

Its stunning performance and exceptional sound reinforcement emanate from a customized dual 12" (300mm) low-frequency transducer with a 3" (77 mm) voice coil. Reinforcing the high-frequency section is a powerful 64 mm neo compression driver mounted on 2" constant directivity rotatable 60° x 40° horn.

Crafted with Baltic Birch, RR 212h aims touring and high-end installation verticals, especially where serious SPLs are a requirement. A smart design and clever construction contribute to its relatively compact size. RR 212h comes with a 16 SWG grill for protection. Flying rails embedded in the side and back panels and a top hat, rubber feet complete the hardware requirements. The product is available in non-toxic black texture paint. We recommend the use of CSC Maestro MS 26 controller with RR 212h. Additionally, Cello RR 212h is a perfect match for Contrabass CR 218s, RRH 218s, and RR 218s sub-woofers.