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  • Main PA for small installs
  • House of worship
  • Small DJ

Key Features

  • Reflex subwoofer
  • Large ports
  • Perforated grill
  • Top hat


  • Specifications download
  • CAD Blockdownload

ST 18s

The CSC ST18s is a powerful single 18" reflex-loaded subwoofer with a nominal power handling of 1000 watts. It is designed to provide a clean low-frequency extension. Its 4" voice coil and generous ports minimize thermal compression and reduce port noise. The well-braced Baltic birch cabinet has anti-skid rubber feet and an alloy grill to protect it from vandals. The four handles and a top hat complete all the requirements of a small DJ.

It is made of Baltic birch and is ideal for installation and small DJs. The driver's unique construction focuses on accuracy and power, reducing distortion.