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  • Museums and A/V spaces
  • Convention centers
  • Retail outlets
  • Airports/ Railway stations
  • Recreation centers
  • Gyms
  • Railway stations
  • Small churches and class rooms

Key Features

  • Compact, high-performance
  • Compact, high-performance
  • High power - maximum SPL 116 dB nominal, 122 dB continuous (single unit)
  • Fast integral clamp
  • Easy to install with minimal wiring
  • Can retrofit into existing venues
  • Can be used in rooms with long reverberation time
  • Available in black and white


  • Specifications download
  • CAD Blockdownload

ST 43

The design of CSC ST 43 is for applications to project vocal frequencies of the most subtle sounds throughout the venue. With a narrow vertical dispersion of 20 degrees, it is ideal for use in reverberant venues. It features a 4 x 3" (75 mm) driver in a rigid, uniquely styled extruded aluminum enclosure with a dedicated Omni-directional mounting bracket. It has no parallel walls that help eliminate all cabinet resonances.

Its wide horizontal and narrow vertical coverage helps reduce reflections in reverberant spaces. It is best used in churches or classrooms or any application with poor acoustics.

The ST43 delivers consistent audience coverage with excellent accuracy and projection. The curved shape of the enclosure is weather-resistant and allows it to be surface-mounted close to walls or installed on ceilings with its Omni-directional bracket, maintaining the dispersion pattern at all frequencies.

The visually distinct enclosure can only be used in a vertical orientation. It is available in both black and white.

The ST 43 can be employed as a stand-alone loudspeaker or combined with sub-woofers like the CR 10s or CR 210s.